Trick or Treat (2016)

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It’s a really weird game :D. It’s a VR (cardboard) horror-ish game about being a diler and selling ‘candys’ to parents.

Trick or Treat = buy the ‘candy’ or I’ll blow you away!! It means that if the client don’t want to buy our product… we are bullying on him by destroing his property… but watch out – for every offence, you recieve one police star – if you collect 5 you go to jail… On the other side – you have to sell candy’s because your boss will kill you! You’d better not collect knuckle-dusters, because it means how much your boss is pissed off!

It’s my first game made for google cardboard VR.

Download “Trick or Treat”

TrickOrTreat_build_015.apk – Downloaded 317 times – 38.37 MB