Super Luigi Snowboarding (2014)

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Luigi, always undervalued character from Super Mario Bros, will show you what he’s got! Ride on snowboard throught Goombas, Koopas, collect coins and show off your skills! You can perform high air tricks such as 180’s, grabs and more! Ride throught 4 different mountains and over 20 levels! If you get bored you can always choose quickplay mode, where level is completely randomly generated!

Everything, including music was created by me. Written in C++ and Allegro 5.

This game won a Palace of Culture and Science best game competition, 2014! You can find it here.

Controls: arrow keys to steer, space to jump, hold 1 + arrow keys to perform a trick. Controls can be changed in settings menu.

Download “Super Luigi Snowboarding” – Downloaded 295 times – 6.26 MB