Stellar Revenge (2015)

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Explore fantasy world, collect weapons such as sword, sword and knife or craft yourself a bow and arrows to kill monsters and bosses! You’ll find 20 levels in story mode and infinite number in a survival mode where maps are random-generated.

Stellar Revenge won a Palace of Culture and Science best game competition, 2015! You can find it here.

The game is entirely written by me in pure C++ with OpenGL 1.2 (graphics) and DirectX 8.1 (only for audio) (and of course WinAPI)! Written in my own game engine made for this game. No other graphic/engine/physics/audio libraries were used. Language: polish.

Download “Stellar Revenge” – Downloaded 319 times – 437.64 MB

There is also portable version, installer-free. Unpack archive and play! (remove config.txt when moving to another computer)

Download “Stellar Revenge (portable edition)” – Downloaded 228 times – 516.90 MB