[LOG] IT detox and setting up!

What’s up! It’s been a looong time since I’ve written a post… I’ve decided to take a rest and leave electronics for a while. Meanwhile I’ve been training and arranging my new studio. It’s great and it’ll definitely increase my productivity. I can’t wait to make some games or create a crazy video! Now I’m […]

[Log] Rapid app prototyping

Hi! I’m quite busy recently, so I don’t have time to write posts/games :(, but i found some time to prototype a mobile app! I’ll make an app which will calculate your reading speed in every chapter/reading session. Then, you can see your reading speed chart – so you know if your skills have improved […]

Hello World!

Hi! It’s time for the first post on my blog! I am preparing materials for the website. I hope to add them soon. A lot of stuff is coming on! Videos with VFX, games not only jam editions of course. Various art like drawings and animations. Software. Eventually some music and SFX I have made […]