[JAM] LUDUM DARE 40!!! – Parent Simulator

babyINFO: baby_bottle

Yeah. The game is the real life! You become a parent, responsible for feeding your children… You need to feed them but they must not overeat! Also, check if any of them is not so hungry to die!

The game was made by me for Ludum Dare 40 – compo (48 hours, no assets, only fonts could be used).

babyCONTROLS: baby_bottle



loud_sound !!PLAY WITH SOUND!! loud_sound

The game is simple. You need to keep the children alive for specific amount of time. Click on a child to feed it. On the left side of each child there is a progress bar. It indicates hungry level. If it’s too much… well see yourself 😉 If it falls to 0, the child dies…


Play the game on itch.io! https://arputikos.itch.io/parent-simulator


Unity, GraphicsGale, GoldWave and GIMP.


JAM VERSION – is named v3 in downloads

UPDATE1: (game v4)

I’ve fixed bugs:

-UI scaling is now ok, playable at any resolution

-volume of children was annoying so it is little bit lower

-children don’t cry and puke when level is finished, on ‘good job’ screen

I’ve also ported game to android.



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