[JAM] Crazy Weekend Jam #5a Reverse – Die2Day

Hi, what’s up!

Last Saturday I had some time, so I’ve decided to make a game for razy Weekend Jam 5a (reveerse edition). I thought that game with “reverse” gameplay, logic, control can be funny! So there is Die2Day!

You are a suicide, and of course you have many lives, like in plenty of other games! So you have to die. Try to die 15 times in 30 seconds! Don’t forget, that the control is reversed and a little bit randomized 😉

Play it here:


How to play: Mouse click to jump, mouse to move around in the air.

The theme was a joke, really. “J O K E” 🙂

Did you know?

When I was drawing the bridge, my reference was The Golden Gate Bridge. Just few days ago I read that it has been a popular jump site for people wanting to commit suicide…

It’s not perfect theme for a game but I had to make a game about killing player. In the end it’s about reverse.

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