Math3D (2016-2017)

It’s an app made in Unity engine. It can render 3D plots in realtime. Main features include 3 coordinate systems: cartesian, cylindrical and spherical. Written by me and Piotr S.

Download “Math3D” 11 MB (56 downloads)

Clock screensaver (2016)

Clock scrensaver made in Unity. You can edit many things when it’s running (e.g. change text style or change system volume). Press F1 for help. Installation instructions included.


Download “Clock screensaver” 11 MB (53 downloads)

PolyEngine (2017) 

Game engine study project developed by KNTG Polygon. Currently it is in a very early stage of development. PolyEngine currently uses OpenGL 3.3+ only, but might gain support for other graphic APIs (DirectX, Vulkan, Metal) in the future. I’m one of the contributors in this project. You can use it for free, it’s on MIT license.