You can download, play and comment many (but not all) of this games here:

Parents Simulator (2017) 

Made for Ludum Dare 40 (compo). The game is simple. You need to keep the children alive for specific amount of time. Click on a child to feed it. On the left side of each child there is a progress bar. It indicates hungry level. If it’s too much… well see yourself 😉 If it falls to 0, the child dies.

Download “Parent Simulator” 14 MB (51 downloads)

Arcade Invaders VR (2017) 

It’s a VR game for Oculus Rift with Oculus Touch. After long time of killingspace invaders mushrooms, turtles, pokemons and other game figures, you’ve been placed in arcade game world. The arcade characters are everywhere, they are going for you and you need to survive all the waves! There is a lot of weapons in the game like: lightsabers, guns, swords (more will be added soon). Game development propably will  be continued.

Made for Disco VR game jam in a 3 people team.

Download “Arcade Invaders” 45 MB (54 downloads)

Magic Battle VR (2017) 

Game for Oculus VR. You are a wizzard and you kill zombies. Throw fireballs, ice rocks and create lightnings to stay alive! Try to survive!

Made for KNWR hackathon in just 10 hours with 3 awesome people. You need unity to play this game (there is no build).

Download “Magic Battle” (59 downloads)

Stellar Revenge (2015)

Description – Work-in-progress – But it’s a sci-fi RPG from first person view game. 20 levels. Made by me in pure C++ with OpenGL 1.2 (graphics) and DirectX 8.1 (only for audio) (and of course WinAPI) ! Written in my own game engine made for this game. No other graphic/engine/physics/audio libraries were used. Language: polish.

Download “Stellar Revenge” 438 MB (58 downloads)

Flying Ninja (2016)

Flying Ninja is an arcade game about a ninja who can run on walls! The Ninja wants to get to the top of the tower! You control the ninja. Jump from one wall to another while not touching obstacles! (It’s my first android game.)


Get it on Google Play

Download “Flying Ninja” 13 MB (57 downloads)

The Basilisk (2017) 

It’s a game where you are the basilisk! You live in a cellar. Your gaze turns people into a stone. Your goal is to fossilize as many children as you can! Watch out! Some of them have a mirror, so you can’t look at them – if you’d see yourself, you’d turn yourself into a stone!

Made for Palace Game Jam by myself. Game for cardboard VR (android).



Download “The Basilisk” 18 MB (61 downloads)

My fishies (2017) 

Almost MMO! Multiplayer game. One player is playing on big screen, as a cat, and eats fishes in a fishtank. The other players sit in front of the big screen, but they control fish on thier smartphone (they just visit a website and they can instantly play online). So it’s half-local multiplayer game!

Made for Nordic Game Jam 2017 with 5 other great people! Theme was “not there”, I’m not joking.


No download available, read the blog to know the reason.

Die2Day (2017)

It’s a game about a suicide. A man is jumping from a bridge. You control him. He can swim. He wants to die, so you have to steer him to hit a ship. Try to die as many times as you can in 30 seconds! Made for Crazy Weekend Jam 5a – reverse edition, theme: joke.


Download “Die2day” 16 MB (50 downloads)

Three cups (2017)

It’s a game made for 1 Hour Game Jam #101, theme: one button.


Download “Three cups” 12 MB (51 downloads)

Rocks! (2017)

It’s my first game made in 1 hour, for 1 Hour Game Jam #84, theme: upside down.


Download “Rocks!” 12 MB (57 downloads)

Super Tamagotcchii Bros (2016)

Walk the land of 3 ex-gods. Bearing in mind their generous reigns,
witness their departure with joy and respect.

Super Tamagotcchii Bros is a small platform game about “easter eggs”,retro games, 90s and bosses.  You can find invisible blocks, hidden areas etc… It was made by a team of 3 people during the Slavic Game Jam 2016, theme: 90’s.

Get it on Google Play

Download “Super Tamagotcchii Bros” 14 MB (49 downloads)