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[LOG] The website is finished!

Hi! For the last few days I’ve been uploading content to the website. All those games, apps and videos… ufff a lot of work! All in all that is my portfolio, and it’s finally done! Enjoy it! See u

[VIDEO] Snowboarding movie with a touch of VFX!

As I mentioned before, I’m editing cool snowboarding video. It’s gonna be pretty long, about 25 mins. The video will contain 7 (or more) shots with CGI. Check it out! Motion tracking (shaky and distorted…) GoPro footage, modelling, simulating, rendering and compositing did take some time… but it was worth I think. I’m not promising […]

[VIDEO] How to Wildcat on a Snowboard

For last 2 months I was very busy editing new snowboarding video. I’ts not done yet, but I’ve made short video during editing the other one 😛 Here’s screenshot! I’ll upload the video later. PS. I know, spring is coming! 🙁

[HACKATHON] Campus App Challenge 2018

13-14 january there was Campus App Challenge and we did an app for android! The app uses indoor location system by Indoorway. The team consisted of 3 people. This was my first java program, so I was making UI. They were doing core. Unfortunately, core of the application was barely working, due to difficulties with […]

[JAM] LUDUM DARE 40!!! – Parent Simulator

INFO:  Yeah. The game is the real life! You become a parent, responsible for feeding your children… You need to feed them but they must not overeat! Also, check if any of them is not so hungry to die! The game was made by me for Ludum Dare 40 – compo (48 hours, no assets, […]

[JAM] DiscoVR Game Jam – Arcade Invaders

This weekend another VR game jam! We chosen Oculus VR because I’d like to master it before moving on to next platform – Vive. But, let’s talk about game. It’s a VR game for Oculus Rift with Touch. After long time of killingspace invaders mushrooms, turtles, pokemons and other game figures, you’ve been placed in […]


Last Saturday I managed to go to hackathon (organised by KNWR – our scientific circle of virtual reality). There were two teams of four people, and it lasted for about 10 hours! (it was meant to be 8 hrs long! but…games… 🙂 ) The game was meant to be (ofcours on VR) about being a […]

[LOG] IT detox and setting up!

What’s up! It’s been a looong time since I’ve written a post… I’ve decided to take a rest and leave electronics for a while. Meanwhile I’ve been training and arranging my new studio. It’s great and it’ll definitely increase my productivity. I can’t wait to make some games or create a crazy video! Now I’m […]