[JAM] 1 Hour Game Jam #101 – Three cups

Yep! I did it! I've made my second game for 1HGJ. But this time it's better! It's even a little addicting! You can play here: https://arputikos.itch.io/three-cups I will make my own game library on this site, but for a moment just use itch.io.   How to play:  Just press the big red button when the arrow is pointing at the right cup (this with dice). The theme was "one button".   1HGJ is very nice game jam. It's so demanding! It definitly forces to think quickly....
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Hello World!

Hi! It's time for the first post on my blog! I am preparing materials for the website. I hope to add them soon. A lot of stuff is coming on! Videos with VFX, games not only jam editions of course. Various art like drawings and animations. Software. Eventually some music and SFX I have made in the past. I'm also planning to make some cool tutorials!...
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